Because such a large proportion of the population rides

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canada goose “It’s the same beyond Amsterdam. A dense network of bike routes criss crosses the Netherlands. You don’t need to be a hardcore rider canada goose outlet ontario on a high end bike to enjoy cycling in Holland. Because such a large proportion of the population rides regularly it’s easy to jump on to any old bike and fit right in.” canada goose

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1. Meander around the metropolis

Amsterdam is the symbol of Holland’s alliance with the bicycle, a city where 400,000 cyclists whirr around the streets, making use of 250 canada goose outlet toronto factory miles of cycle lanes.

The capital’s two wheeled infatuation extends to accommodation. From 309 (220) a canada goose outlet houston night (for two sharing) in July.

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The best hotels in Amsterdam

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If canada goose outlet new york Amsterdam adores the bicycle, northerly Groningen is obsessed. It has been described as “the world’s canada goose outlet vancouver most bike friendly city” thanks to a 1977 urban redesign that all but barred cars from the centre. Residents roll around canada goose outlet belgium a cycle path maze of such density that there are 10,000 bike parking slots at the railway station alone.

canada goose clearance A windmill near Groningen Photo: AP/FOTOLIA canada goose clearance

3. Follow in famous tyre tracks

Canada Goose Parka The idea of tackling a stage of the Tour canada goose outlet store uk de France conjures images of Alpine slopes. But Utrecht’s 2015 curtain raiser is a short time trial that can be re enacted without pain or difficulty. Canada Goose Parka

Afterwards, canada goose outlet online uk explore the fourth biggest Dutch city (25 miles south east of Amsterdam).

Rembrandt in Holland: getting a full picture of the Dutch Master

canada goose clearance sale 4. Wander Zeeland’s soft edges canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store The photogenic flatness canada goose outlet canada of the Dutch landscape comes canada goose outlet 2015 alive in Zeeland, the most south westerly province where the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt rivers meet the sea. Its 400 mile coastline has cycle paths through towns such as Cadzand, Oostkapelle and Westkapelle. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket The Zeeland coastline Photo: AP/FOTOLIA canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale 5. The self guided “Dutch Discovery: Edam, Amsterdam and Gouda” comprises five days on country roads, starting in the red wax city of Edam, 15 miles north east of Amsterdam, and cutting through the capital, via leafy pockets such as Beatrixpark canada goose outlet miami and Amstelpark, to yellow wax Gouda (40 miles south) in time for the Thursday cheese market on Markt square. This 120 mile trip is priced from 715 a head (two sharing), including accommodation with breakfast, baggage transfer, maps and bike hire (or from 992 a head with train travel from the UK). canada goose coats on sale

The best books about Holland

6. Seek a chilly legend of the North

Devotees of Dutch tradition go misty canada goose outlet legit eyed at mention of the Elfstedentocht, a 120 mile skating contest that rushes between 11 towns in the northerly province of Friesland, canada goose outlet canada goose outlet florida starting and ending in Leeuwarden and veering along frozen canals. Covering 180 miles canada goose parka outlet uk in all, the tour costs from 489 a head (two sharing), including hotel accommodation with breakfast, bag transfer and bike, but no flights.

buy canada goose jacket Free from troublesome gradients, Holland is the canada goose outlet winnipeg perfect choice for family escapes by pedal power. It takes eight days to progress through North Holland, the peninsula and province that juts out above Amsterdam, ticking off the coastal hotspot of Hoorn, the port of Den Helder and Texel island, with its windswept dunes. Prices start at 715 per adult (865 with flights), including full board lodging on cosy barges (adult bikes 80 extra; child bikes 60). Places are available on trips scheduled for July 18 and August 15. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose online The port of Den Helder Photo: canada goose outlet parka AP/FOTOLIA Canada Goose online

cheap Canada Goose 8. This takes eight days to circle the colossal IJsselmeer “lake” which wells up in the north west of the country. A 250 mile self guided odyssey, beginning and finishing in Amsterdam, it arcs through North Holland, taking the 21 mile Afsluitdijk causeway across the IJsselmeer, before flitting south through Friesland towns including Lemmer and into the marshes of Weerribben Wieden National Park in the province of Overijssel. The holiday costs from 720 a head (two sharing), including hotel accommodation canada goose outlet niagara falls with breakfast and bag transfers (no flights; bike hire is available, at an extra cost). This seven night group journey takes a clockwise route in and out of Amsterdam, venturing across and around the IJsselmeer by boat and bike. Designed for families with children aged between seven and 11, the itinerary builds in plenty of stops for ice cream and paddling, and ticks off the Walibi World theme park in Biddinghuizen. E bikes are an optional extra at 120 a head for easily tired legs. A departure in July for a family of four costs 1,455 canada goose shop uk in total, including bicycles and full board canada goose outlet store calgary barge accommodation (no flights) cheap Canada Goose.

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