The GOP nominee held a relief event in Ohio to collect

“I don’t believe any case involving strangulation should be deferred, ever,” said Gael Strack, a former domestic violence prosecutor and one of the country’s leading experts on strangulation. “We now know that strangulation involves a high level of violence and lethal violence. Much like when someone points a gun or holds a knife to a victim’s neck those cases also don’t have visible injury, but they are life threatening acts of violence.”.

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Like Greed, like The Searchers, this is an urgent,

In the wake of the Wansink scandal, there have been renewed calls for reforming the methods and culture of scientific inquiry: open data to allow for outside verification of results, pretrial registration so researchers can’t sift through results to come up with post hoc conclusions. The intense pressure of academia’s “publish or perish” mantra is no longer seen as an engine of discovery, but rather a possible enemy of honest inquiry. These are important changes, on par with requiring researchers to provide financial conflict of interest statements..

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