The landscape of the Lecco leg is more rugged

canadian goose jacket Circumnavigating Italy’s storied Lake Como canadian goose jacket

Kayakers photograph the Church of Santa Maria canada goose sale uk del Sasso as they approach the village of Morcote. (Dina Mishev/For The Washington Post)

canada goose black friday sale Traveling via water gives you a different perspective. Sitting in the front cockpit canada goose outlet uk sale of a tandem kayak 200 feet off shore from Varenna, Italy, in the middle of Lake Como, I count three gelaterias faster than you can say, “I know why George Clooney spends so much time canada goose outlet seattle here.” canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale Navigating Varenna by road, you couldn’t get within 500 feet of a scoop of gelato. The town, founded by fishermen in the 8th canada goose outlet parka century, doesn’t actually canada goose outlet in vancouver have any streets, just walkways. Canada Goose sale

Childhood summers spent on Maryland’s Eastern Shore taught me that water, when it’s around, is where the action is. Our front yard wasn’t the one facing the street, but the one facing the pier, ramp and beach. The heart of waterfront towns and cities at least if they are of a certain age, like all the towns and villages on Lake canada goose outlet black friday Como are is on the water.

canada goose clearance sale So even though I’m an avid road cyclist and Northern Italy’s lakes have some of the most scenic and challenging cycling canada goose outlet kokemuksia routes in the world, canada goose parka uk it’s always been my dream to visit this area by boat. And, of course, find a couple of days for biking while I’m there. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose It is possible to travel among towns on Lake Como and neighboring lakes Lugano and Maggiore by ferry. But that isn’t the kind of boat I had dreamed of. I want a slower, more intimate experience. I sign up for a nine day kayaking trip that hits Como, Lugano and Maggiore. canada goose

canada goose clearance Three weeks prior to the trip’s start date, I have an accident that requires surgery. As surgeries go, it’s minor, but its recovery time isn’t: eight weeks. I won’t be able to paddle, but the canada goose outlet las vegas surgeon says sitting in a boat is fine. Grant Thompson, the owner of the company I’m traveling with,, graciously offers the front cockpit of his tandem kayak. canada goose clearance

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Canada Goose Jackets Sitting anywhere relaxing in general, really is difficult for me. When I explain to friends how I can still go “paddling” after surgery, I play along when they comment that mine now seems like canada goose outlet real the best kind of kayaking trip: all of the experience with none of the work. Inside, I’m severely disappointed. Rescheduling is not an option. Canada Goose Jackets

The disappointment is still there when I land at MilanMalpensa Airport. (Lake Como is 25 miles north of Milan.) During an afternoon and night in Milan, I forget the disappointment, but, the next morning when the group canada goose outlet website legit 10 paddlers including me, Grant, guide Enrico Carrossino and logistic wizard Daniele Ratto loads into two vans for the 60 minute drive to Lake Como, it returns. It doesn’t go away until Grant has been paddling me around for an hour and we’re in front of a two story, buttercup yellow home. The house is set canada goose outlet edmonton back from the lake 15 feet, on land protected by a stacked stone bulkhead. Directly above the bulkhead, running its entire length, are iron trellises dripping canada goose outlet store uk with jasmine thicker and bloomier than I’ve ever seen or smelled. At either end of the bulkhead are van sized masses of hydrangeas, also riotously blooming. It is one of the most happily situated homes I’ve ever seen.

If I don’t have to hold a paddle, I rationalize, I’ve got more time to admire and snap photos of the scenery.

canada goose deals Kayaks tied up near Nesso’s ferry pier during a lunch break; as a guide set up lunch near the pier, paddlers were left to explore the village. (Dina Mishev/For The Washington Post) canada goose deals

People have appreciated canada goose outlet washington dc Lake Como’s scenery for millennia. Pliny the Elder had a villa here. Leonardo da Vinci visited the lake frequently and the two versions of his painting “Virgin of the Rocks” include streams and waterfalls he saw here. Verdi composed “La Traviata” at Lake Como. The Villa d’Este was canada goose factory outlet toronto location built on the lake’s five mile Riva Romantica in 1568 by a prince and became a hotel in 1873. In 1925, Alfred Hitchcock shot some of his film “The Pleasure Garden,” there. When Winston Churchill vacationed at Lake Como after the end of World War II, he painted almost every day.

Lake Como stands out among the dozens of lakes dotting this area Garda, d’Orta, Varese, Comabbio and d’Iseo, among others for the intensity of its blue water and its extensive shoreline. While only the third largest lake in Italy after lakes Garda and Maggiore Como is one of the deepest in Europe. The depth is partially responsible for its color.

Because of its shape most people say it’s an upside down “Y”; I prefer to think of it as a walker without arms or a head Como has more shoreline canada goose outlet in chicago than any other Italian lake, 106 miles.

The city of Como sits at the foot of canada goose outlet store quebec the western leg. Industrial Lecco is the east canada goose outlet sale foot. The landscape of the Lecco leg is more rugged, with fewer towns and lakeside villas than the Como leg.

Canada Goose Parka George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra and any Lake Como villa you’ve seen in a movie is on the Como leg. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats The village of Bellagio is at the lake’s crotch. canada goose coats

I’m ashamed to canada goose outlet admit that before I saw “Bellagio” on the paddling itinerary, I didn’t know that Bellagio was more than a casino in Las Vegas. I knew that the Vegas Bellagio’s shtick is that it’s a recreation of an Italian village, but I didn’t know that it took the village’s name.

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Whatever your feelings are toward the Vegas Bellagio, the original Bellagio is better.

Narrow cobblestone paths lined with boutiques, cafes and galleries tumble down a steep hillside. Italian flags flutter among palm trees. Gothic, baroque and Renaissance buildings are painted in colors ranging from peach to tangerine, pale pink, white and mustard. The tallest structure in town is the bell tower of the Church of San Giacomo, parts of canada goose discount uk which date to the 12th century.

Enrico, with 80 some year old Marilyn in the front of his tandem kayak, guides our group along Bellagio’s waterfront. Looking to shore, we see men with cigarettes dangling from their lips fishing and looking at us dubiously. Tourists pause in the shade under ordered rows of densely leafed trees and take photos of us. Couples walk dogs or sit on benches holding hands and watching us.

buy canada goose jacket cheap While kayaking is not unusual in the United States, it is in northern Italy. is the only company that regularly does organized trips here. During the week, I see a couple of random lakeside outfitters with “kayak rentals” signs but don’t see any boats I’d feel comfortable taking out. Nor do I see any kayakers outside of our group. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Grant and Enrico have a schedule for us. Enrico is a proud native of Genoa but has been living near Como, Lugano and Maggiore for 10 years. He knows the spots that are overhyped and the ones that are overlooked. A kayak guide for 15 years, he also knows that schedules, especially when weather is involved, are not set in stone.

canada goose coats on sale Our second day on Como is more leisurely than originally scheduled. The day’s scenery is so diverse, though, it feels like our longest day. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online The northernmost tip of the land that pushes up to the bend in the upside down “Y” of Lake Como is just past Bellagio. In Italian, it’s called Punta Spartivento, “the point that parts the wind.” It’s not windy as we paddle around it, but it is as if we’ve been swept into a completely different landscape. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket Gone are the villas that dot the peninsula’s western side. Instead, I see 100 foot tall, sheer, white limestone walls. Waterfalls of prickly pear cacti, some with yellow blooms, cascade down them. Every inch of land that isn’t sheer rock is dense with greenery. Mallard ducks swim between our boats, but pterodactyls seem more suited to the scenery buy canada goose jacket.

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canada goose clearance sale One of the best examples of this is canada goose outlet store uk the much vaunted European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which allows citizens to propose legislation. Once an idea receives canada goose outlet store a million signatures, it triggers a canada goose outlet online uk review by the canada goose outlet black friday European Commission, which then decides whether it will pursue the suggestion. Despite its admirable intentions, however, the ECI has proven a damp squib. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose factory sale Not sure about that, Martin, but thanks for your support.During a turbulent time, it meant a great deal to get the nod from someone at the peak of his profession. It eased some misgivings that were beginning to creep in. I have never been the sort to thrive on controversy. canada goose factory sale

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Canada Goose online Speak of advanced manufacturing and people generally think of the US, Japan, Germany or even China; but not India. In the ancient past, the nation and its people were renowned for their manufacturing acumen, for instance, the Wootz steel from ancient India was used to fashion the renowned Damascus steel swords. Over the centuries, the expertise waned; other nations overtook India in this sphere. canada goose outlet uk Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Coats On Sale The chaplain at the shelter he volunteered at remembered him as someone struggling with a solvent abuse issue but who was, nevertheless, quiet, humble and kind. But kind didn’t mean a pushover. His support workers said he didn’t shy away from telling someone to move out of his canada goose outlet nyc way when he was in a wheelchair and that he took pride in being able to take care of himself canada goose jacket outlet on his own as much as he could.. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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buy canada goose jacket Besides its probiotic ingredients, it is also packed with the goodness of vitamin B12. Ingredients 1/2 cup sliced cucumbers, 1/2 cup sliced cabbage, 1/2 cup red radish, 1/4 cup celery, 1/4 cup red onion, 1 tsp salt.1. Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl buy canada goose jacket.