They see themselves as a force for good

canada goose store Fox guest Stephen Mansfield endorses religious warriors canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale There was a taped canada goose outlet store new york edited interview by Molly Hennenberg on Special Report Memorial Day, 5/30/05. This was in keeping with the military theme of the supposed news program. There was also a monumental factual canada goose outlet factory error canada goose outlet location which should have been addressed, or the statement should have landed on the editing room floor. See if you can spot it. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale Brit introduced the segment “The battlefield can and often has been a place of great religious transformation. Can you talk about that.?” canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale Mansfield “Absolutely. This generation is doing an astonishing job overseas. I was just recently lecturing at West Point and the commanders are saying this is among the most patriotic, capable, effective, informed generation that we’ve ever put into the field. So all throughout history wars have pressed religious questions into the lives of those who fight them. This generation is uniquely mystical and spiritual. They’re not traditional in their religious canada goose outlet ontario orientation. They don’t attend church and follow formal creeds. But canada goose outlet store calgary they’re very passionate for god and the nearness of god, so many of the rituals that they’ve evolved while they’re in combat are fascinating. And sometimes it take on a kind canada goose jacket outlet sale of humorous cast. A Baptist HumVee driver refused to start up his canada goose outlet HumVee until a Catholic Hispanic sergeant made the sign of the cross over his HumVee because no one who had had canada goose outlet shop the sign of the cross made by this woman over their vehicle failed to come home. They pray together, they join together; I attended a ritual amongst a bunch canada goose outlet edmonton of Marines, where they sang a little bit of ‘Be thou my vision’, recited The lord’s prayer, and confessed (Joshua 1, verse 9?), and then they prayed formally and held their weapons aloft and offered them to god. I was grieved when I heard of that Canada Goose sale

canada goose story a few weeks ago, because the reality is that most of the soldiers overseas see themselves as liberators. They want to do good. (Note: at this time Fox begins showing “Happy Iraq” videos of soldiers tossing packages to crowds of kids, holding up a soccer ball, handing desks down from a truck, etc). They daily see the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan now and the way canada goose outlet orlando those countries were before we went in and removed tyranny. They see themselves as a force for good. There have been very, very low casualties among civilians and what they call collateral damage, and I don’t want to see this generation canada goose vest outlet of warriors maligned like the Viet Nam generation was. (Comment: like, John Kerry?) My father fought in Viet Nam, and when those soldiers came back they were not well treated by this country. You say, quote, ‘What soldiers need is an ennobling of their profession through the integration of faith and moral vision that faith provides. Why, briefly, why is a warrior code important?” canada goose

Canada Goose online Mansfield: “A warrior code takes the profession of arms and merges it with the invisible, the mystical, the religious. And that’s what really has to be behind ethics and a sense of the honor of the profession for us to canada goose outlet real have a people who are being soldiers in the highest sense. It is the canada goose outlet mall lack of a code that leads to Abu Ghraib or My Lai massacres. It’s the presence of a code that causes soldiers to be, as I say in the canada goose outlet mississauga book, knights, who see themselves in service of a higher cause even than their government. And so that’s what creates not just the well behaved but the noble soldiers who liberate countries rather than tyrannize canada goose outlet near me them.” Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Hennenberg: “Now let’s talk about the role of chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan. You say they’re in a difficult position because they serve a secular state, and at the same time they’re supposed to be religious and giving inspirational advice. What’s the difficulty there?” Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet Mansfield: “The difficulty canada goose outlet 2015 is of course the same tension we have in our nation Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats as a whole. We’re a nation in tension with ourselves. The problem is they’re not able to do their jobs well. I think we canada goose outlet in chicago don’t serve them well. They’re among the finest in the field, but chaplains are not allowed to cross the wire, as they say, canada goose outlet in uk to put themselves in harm’s way and so this new generation at war doesn’t really relate to someone who is not able to endure what they endure. More than that, the chaplains are not able to frame the war in religious and spiritual terms, so when young soldiers ask questions, ‘is this a canada goose outlet store quebec righteous war?’ ‘am I serving god?’ ‘is god on our side?’ “am I a warrior for Jesus?’, that kind of thing, the chaplains really can’t reply in a way that’s meaningful to those soldiers often.” canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Hennenberg: “And you delve into that in your book. Thank you.” canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Comment: This segment was obviously pre recorded and edited that they chose to put this man and his extremist religious right wing views on, unopposed and unchallenged, says it all about Fox being the megaphone for the far right Bush administration. His suggestion that our soldiers need a righteous cause beyond following orders exposes the fact that a lot of young men and women don’t understand canada goose outlet in montreal what they’re doing there, because they went there for one reason (WMD lies) and are being kept there for quite another(freedom lies). Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale (Note: It has been rumored that the intitial cute title for the post war activities was to be Operation Iraqi Liberation, but that had to be changed due to the unfortunate and all too obvious acronym.) canada goose clearance sale.

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MANASSAS, Va. (AP) A jury has heard closing arguments in the capital murder trial of an Army staff sergeant from northern Virginia accused of killing his wife and a police officer on her first shift. Ronald Hamilton is charged with fatally shooting his wife, Crystal, and officer Ashley Guindon in 2016.

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