Children reported that they did NOT once participate in any of

You need a particular set of aerobic skills to do this one. It involves grabbing your neck with your left hand, and your leg with your right hand and hopping in the same spot to mimic a lawn sprinkler. If you are not coordinated, a big time fall is in your immediate future..

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This allows for more memory/graphic intensive games

There are continuous chances to stop off with cliff top castles and brilliant coastal views. This drive is a great choice for families with older children as there are daring challenges like the Carrick a Rede rope bridge and the Gobbins, a cliff path that lets you feel like you’re ‘walking on water’. There’s Mussenden Temple, the geological wonder that is the Giant’s Causeway, the stunning ruins of Dunluce Castle and interesting stop off points all along this 157km route whether you decide to do the full thing or just part of it..

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