They found him in the parking lot of a shopping mall

He was accepted and for several years, in his mid and late 70s, “danced around the world” for different cruise lines. Hobie’s favorite times were gatherings with friends and the family he loved deeply to share the events of their lives. He remained close to his family in Sweden, visiting there many times and continuing to speak Swedish fluently.

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There’s nothing like watching a good fight movie to rev up

There are passages in the yearbooks that refer to a favorite game called Pass Out. Not truly remembering what happened at these parties was considered par for the course and part of the fun. Now the nation is being asked to believe Ford when she recounts one party which she says Kavanaugh attended.

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It is, after all, the major nation states that have made

canada goose clearance The future is populist in this age of disruption canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale Excerpt: In canada goose outlet usa Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption, the former PM argues the ‘deplorables’ have something important to tell usThe rise of populism on this continent and beyond has drawn condemnation from across the canada goose outlet new york political spectrum. But as former prime minister Stephen J. Harper argues in this exclusive excerpt canada goose outlet real from his new book, Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption, the so called “deplorables” who have voted establishment figures out of office deserve a careful hearing. canada goose uk Their concerns point to deep problems with globalization and they aren’t going away. canada goose clearance sale

If you are interested in politics, you will remember where you canada goose outlet germany were on November 8, 2016. presidential vote in my basement living room. My (interim) successor as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the Hon. Rona Ambrose, was with me. So was the leader of the United Conservative canada goose outlet nyc Party of Alberta, the Hon. Jason Kenney. I did not expect Donald J. Trump to be elected president that evening.

cheap Canada Goose But unlike most observers, I did think it was at least possible. It had taken me canada goose outlet edmonton a canada goose outlet online store review canada goose outlet long time to even get there. But Trump won the Republican nomination, and now he was win the presidential election. So, I asked myself: What happened? I could have concluded what most commentators concluded. They had predicted Trump could not win that he could never win because he is a fool and a bigot. Therefore, they surmised, the voters must be fools and bigots as well. The ones with the foolish and preconceived notions were those who got it so wrong. It is time to re examine our assumptions. cheap Canada Goose

So here is my re examination in a nutshell. A large proportion of Americans, including many American conservatives, voted for Trump because they are really not doing very well. In short, the world of globalization is not working for many of our own people. We can pretend that this is a false perception, but it is not. We now have a choice. We can keep trying to convince people that they misunderstand their own lives, or we can try to understand what they are saying. Then we can decide what to do about it.

Canada Goose online Trump supporters pray at a rally in Southhaven, Miss., on Oct. 2, 2018. Some dismiss Trump TMs official canada goose outlet clarion call to Make America Great Again as sheer jingoism, but to minimize the visceral embrace of his anti globalist message is to miss its larger significance, Harper writes. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka Conservatives won the Cold War. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and their generation stood against communism abroad and socialism at home. And they were largely successful. Our values free societies, free markets, free trade, free movement have spread around the world. The problem is this: globalization has been very successful for many of the world people, but not so much for many of our own. A billion people worldwide mostly in the emerging economies of Asia have moved out of poverty. Yet, in many Western countries, the incomes of working people have stagnated or even declined over the past quarter century. This is especially true in the United States. Trump clearly understood this. Canada Goose Parka

Some dismiss President Trump clarion call to America Great Again as sheer jingoism, but to minimize the visceral embrace of his anti globalist message is to miss its larger significance. It resonated with the core of the party that supported Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and their robust internationalism. His message also had resonance with a considerable body of traditionally Democratic voters, many of whom crossed over to give him the presidency.

buy canada goose jacket cheap To my mind, this is perhaps the most easily understood part of the Trump phenomenon. America has been through a decade and a half of foreign policy experiences that laid the groundwork for an America First approach. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats on sale To start with, there were the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Full disclosure: I supported both initiatives and still support the decision on Afghanistan. Nonetheless, enormous human and financial costs have been incurred through with very limited success. In the process, the idea of promoting America ideals abroad was dealt a terrible blow. Then came a new canada goose outlet london administration canada goose stockists uk determined to avoid over extension. However, global security deteriorated further. administration. Still, it is only part of the story. It cannot fully explain the gut level responses, both positive and negative, to the America First bent of the Trump administration. canada goose coats on sale

I confess to being more perplexed by those who fanatically oppose nationalism than by those who vehemently support it. Nationalism, or at least patriotism, seems to me a pretty normal state of human affairs in most places and at most times. And the idea that a country would put its own interests first was, I thought, a kind of fundamental maxim of international relations.

canada goose deals I do not want to reduce these different views of nationalism merely to philosophical shifts within political parties. As with the splits over global markets and international trade, something much deeper is going on. Trump, Brexit, and the European populist movements are exposing a fault line in modern Western societies. The division is between, as David Goodhart describes: those who live and those who live The rise of globalization in the past quarter century has transformed an element of the population. Segments of urban and university educated professionals have become genuinely globally oriented in their careers and personal lives. canada goose deals

canada goose Imagine yourself as someone who works for an international consulting firm or in a globally focused academic career. You can wake up in New York, London, or Singapore and feel at home. You may rent or even own regular accommodation in all of these places. Your work is not subjected to import competition or threat of technological dislocation. You may attend (or aspire to attend) the Davos conference. You probably read The Economist and, like Thomas Friedman, believe that the world really is flat. Your spouse or partner has a similar professional background, although he canada goose outlet black friday or she is from somewhere else in the world. You are motivated by climate change and suspicious of religion. You are unequivocally pro trade and support high levels of immigration. Your values can broadly be described as cosmopolitans, or or just plain have an increasingly weak attachment to the nation state. Their professional, personal, and even familial relationships are increasingly with people like themselves from a range of countries. The examples I give may be rooted in stereotypes, but there are many less extreme cases among people who work, study, or join online communities that cross boundaries. canada goose

There are a lot of these people, but there are still many more completely unlike them. Maybe you are a manufacturing or retail worker, or even a canada goose outlet store quebec small businessperson. You probably do not live in the central areas of a major business centre. Your work can be, and is being, disrupted by import competition and technological change. You are motivated by steady work and a decent living. You and your spouse grew up in the same community in which you now live and work. Your children attend the local schools and your canada goose outlet vip aging parent lives nearby. Your social life is connected to a local church, service club, restaurant bar, sports team, or community group. You only leave your region for brief vacations. Your values can broadly be described as Such localists or are far more likely to be nationalists at heart. Social solidarity matters to them because their future hinges on the society in which they live. The populist trend will not stop until the issues driving it are being effectively addressed, writes Harper. (Emile Wamsteker/Bloomberg)

canadian goose jacket For Somewheres, nationalism is more than just a strong emotional attachment (although it is usually that); it is critical to their lives. If things go badly, or if policy choices turn out to be wrong, Somewheres cannot just shift their lives to somewhere else. They depend on the nation state. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Of course, Anywheres also depend on the nation state, whether they admit it or not. It is, after all, the major nation states that have made globalization possible. To the extent that there are global markets with rules and stability, it is agreements among nation states that created them. Without these agreements, international commerce would be little beyond occasional exchanges and one off transactions. Think about it. Anything more than that requires investments in transportation, communications, and logistics. It depends on enforcement of contracts, provision of information, and prevention of fraud. It needs stable, reliable, and exchangeable currencies. There must be arrangements that bring distributional outcomes into conformity with acceptable political norms. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale It is fashionable for Anywheres to blame bad national policies and especially populism for the instabilities and uncertainties in the global economy. Sometimes they are indeed to blame, but not that often. The community provides little or nothing in the wide range of institutions and practices that well governed markets require. The critical functions of laws and regulations, monetary and fiscal stability, conflict management and resolution, and social services and redistribution have so far been provided almost exclusively by nation states. Left to its canada goose outlet in toronto own devices, globalization would be an economic world of massive and persistent instability as it was in late 2008, until the major nation states stepped in. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats Incidentally, it is not self evident what these institutions and practices would look like if they were pursued on a global basis. The world simply does not agree on how to balance equality against opportunity, economic security against innovation, health and environmental risks against jobs and growth, or economic outcomes against social and cultural mores, let alone how to choose basic governance models. canada goose coats

In other words, the nation state, with all its flaws, is a concrete reality. The community is little more than a concept. People with something to lose are bound to be more beholden to an important fact than a mere notion.

This is where I part company with the Anywheres. Anywheres seem to believe they can pick from whatever national basket they like. Chinese economic outcomes, American legal protections, European governance, Panamanian taxes, you name it. And if they do not get what they want, they affirm a right to just pick up and leave on a passport provided by their nation state.

I do not quarrel with the Anywheres about the real and even greater potential benefits of globalization. My disagreement is more with this globalist mindset. I do not care how much of a globalist you fancy yourself. You have some responsibility as a citizen to Somewhere. And if you do not understand that, then you will behave as if you have no responsibilities at all.

Anywheres may be far from being a majority of the population, but in the era of globalization, they have come to dominate our politics. This is true on both the traditional centre left and the centre right. The Brexit referendum provides some insight into how such fault lines may manifest themselves. Cosmopolitan London voted Remain by a three to one margin. It was joined only by Scottish and Irish nationalists, for distinct (and diametrically opposed) reasons. Healthy majorities for Leave in canada goose outlet store new york the bulk of English, Welsh, and Irish unionist communities carried the day.

Similar canada goose jacket outlet dynamics have been apparent in American politics for some time. The Democrats are now a largely urban, coastal party with few congressional seats or governorships in middle America. The Republicans are increasingly shut out of big, cosmopolitan centres, but they are the clear majority party in most other places.

The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Being pro market does not mean that all regulations should be dismantled or that governments should never intervene, Harper writes. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

I put it like this: there is a widening chasm between the perspec of establishment institutions of all kinds corporations, banks, bureaucracies, academia, media, entertainment and those who do not identify with such institutions. It is a split between those whose economic interests are global and those whose interests are local. It is between those whose lives cross borders and those who live within them. It is between those whose identities are international and mul and those whose identities are national and traditional. Most importantly, it is increasingly between those who believe they are getting ahead canada goose outlet england and those who can see canada goose outlet montreal that they are not.

buy canada goose jacket This is, of course, not limited to America. The same dynamics versus were behind the surprise outcome of the Brexit referendum. Something similar is happening in Europe as well, as the space occupied by traditional political parties of both the centre right and centre left is gradually shrinking in the face of insur political movements. I do not know whether Donald Trump presidency will succeed or not. But what I do know is that the issues that gave rise to his candidacy are not going away. They are only going to get bigger. And, if they are not faced honestly and addressed correctly, they are going to get worse. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets The upshot is that the success of Brexit and Trump points to a possible political realignment of much wider and longer term significance. If underlying economic and social realities continue to diverge between elites and regular working people, such political patterns will get stronger. Ambitious and enterprising politicians more disciplined than Trump will effectively tap into populist values. Canada Goose Jackets

Present day populism is not an all or nothing proposition. There are parts of it that reflect legitimate grievances with the elite consen There are others that should be opposed. What is happening requires understanding and adaptation, not dogma and condescension. Populists are not ignorant and misguided They are our family, friends, and neigh The populists are, by definition, the people.

canada goose store In a democratic system, the people are our customers. And, according to conser market values, the customer is always right. Part of developing these alternatives involves challenging some preconceived ideas about populism. Populism is not entirely incom with markets, trade, globalization, and immigration. My own political career is proof canada goose store.