Tests like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and

It was odd. When we arrived back at school, the parking lot was full of cars. A normal scene today at any school, but given the size of our town, this was strange. House ciders: Supreme Core’s ciders cover a spectrum of flavors, but there’s an engaging spirit of experimentation throughout. The 11 taps on a recent Saturday included the crisp Nother Mother, dry hopped with IPA friendly hops and rested on grapefruit zest; Midlanticky, which gets its zip from sea salt and lemon peels; and Cherry Bloom, a deep and tangy cider made by refermenting the house Micawber cider with champagne yeast and tart Michigan cherries. Frequent visits are rewarded: Every few weeks,Sullivan promises, “at least two or three” of the options will be new.

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