I didn’t go into this job thinking I was going to be on the

Some senior doctors there were as talented as any I’d met in hospitals at Harvard and other parts of the world. And many had showed up within hours of the quake. Indeed, one of the constants in the days after the earthquake was the presence of Dr. And I am not alone. I have spent many days observing people as they enjoy the remains of Pompeii. They may giggle, or be horrified, at the brothel; they may be impressed by the luscious paintings on the walls; they may be touched by the poignant plaster casts of the bodies of those who were the victims of the eruption.

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There are so many, but I would have to say ibrico ham from Jabugo in Huelva, which is spectacular; it takes my heart. It is very different from the ibrico hams from other areas, as each has its own characteristics, but it is always produced according to strict regulations. And then Andalusian olive oil is just amazing and an essential ingredient for me, particularly from the province of Jan, which produces more than half of the total for Spain..

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Great to see two young lives just beginning

I selected the Anova a few years ago rather than the Joule. IIRC, the determining factor was the range of the clamp: the Anova could be used on a cooler wall rather than just a thin edge. I had practice sous vide with a cooler for about a year to make sure I would use sou vide before I gave kitchen space to a gadget.

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