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They are officially called platters

the magic of lateral moves

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I know you are a femme fatale

1 in Canada, to quite literally fighting for my life, I am thankful. I am thankful for how much I have accomplished and experienced in my 21 years of being here. I thankful to be alive. In winter, when the trees are bare, or in summer, when they are in full leaf, the driver of a car speeding by wouldn’t even notice three separate trees. However, with autumn comes a different story. When the oak on the right is already turning colour, the other two remain completely green.

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A majority of Americans do not believe the country is more

U Sports, which governs university athletics in Canada, put its new policy into effect Thursday and says it affects student athletes at all 56 of its member institutions. Athletes can only compete on teams of one gender during a given academic year, and the policy doesn require them to undertake hormone therapy. They must also comply with the Canadian Anti Doping Program..

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My appearance has become much less of a priority now that I’m a

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Most importantly perhaps, it prolific

canada goose clearance Varys carried a torch, and the fire itself seemed to try to keep its distance from the general air of discomfort that he puts out into the world. Surely the shadows were playing tricks on me (the omnipotent, narrative eye of this world), because it looked like he was leaving a trail of slime in his wake. If there was anyone that made people more uncomfortable than Danyul, it was Varys.. canada goose clearance

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