Residents and visitors can also find a fun learning space atMy

canada goose store Top 10 Worst Cities for Families 2014 canada goose store

canada goose deals Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram”Worst” may seem like a harsh official canada goose outlet title to put on a city; instead, think of these canada goose outlet store uk as more of a collection of cities with the most room to improve. But before you leave a hometown on the list in search of greener pastures, remember that this canada goose outlet uk sale is a look at each city canada goose coats uk data, not its heart canada goose outlet toronto address and soul. Jacksonville, FloridaStarting the list is Jacksonville, the city with the largest population in Florida, where it’s best to head outside and enjoy the great canada goose factory outlet outdoors at the beach, on a tour, or playing or watching a sport. The city doesn’t have shockingly canada goose outlet store near me poor statistics in any of our ranking criteria, but it doesn’t do well in any of them, either. Census data.9. Orlando, FloridaThe Theme Park Capital of the World needs to work on getting its crime under control. It has one of the highest rates on our list, with FBI statistics showing canada goose outlet location 1,144 violent crimes and 8,115 property crimes reported in 2013. Census data. Compared with the rest of the list, Orlando had better school ratings (11 of its 63 ranked schools had a score of eight or higher out of 10), and a better unemployment rate of 5.2 percent at the time of reporting.8. Lakeland/Winter Haven, FloridaThe Sunshine State appears on the list again with canada goose outlet michigan the cities of Lakeland and Winter Haven. We combined the two cities as one entry because a lot of data combined canada goose outlet houston them. While the area is home to the incredibly family canada goose jacket outlet uk friendly Explorations V Children’s Museum, it needs to explore improvements in some areas. Our research shows schools in Winter Haven have lower ratings overall than those in Lakeland.7. Atlanta, GeorgiaWhile Atlanta is home to highlights like the Georgia Aquarium and the Carter Presidential Library and Museum, things aren’t all that peachy in this city. Census data.6. Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach, FloridaThese cultural canada goose outlet nyc hubs have given the world Pitbull, the Miami Children’s Museum and the Miami Seaquarium, but the area needs to work on a few other family friendly items. Specifically, these cities have some of the highest crime rates on the list. Miami alone had 2,379 canada goose outlet toronto violent crimes and 10,270 property crimes reported in 2013, canada goose shop uk according to FBI crime statistics. canada goose outlet seattle The area also has one of the highest rates of households without health insurance coverage. Census data. From best to worst: Miami, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale. Miami had the best ratings even though only three of its 173 ranked schools had a score of eight or higher out of 10. Again, we combined the cities in this metro area because a lot of data combined the three.5. Bakersfield, CaliforniaWe’re halfway through, and we’ve arrived at Bakersfield. On the bright side, it’s home to the Bakersfield Museum of Art and has a strong arts, culture and theater scene. In our other criteria, it is above the national average across the board, including the number of households needing food stamps/SNAP assistance (14.9 percent, vs. Census data. On a happier note, Bakersfield has one of the lowest crime rates on this list, only 934 violent crimes and 8,327 property crimes were reported in 2013, according to FBI crime statistics.4. McAllen, TexasThey say everything is bigger in Texas, and in McAllen they may be right. Its stats are large when it comes to the number of households without health care coverage and the number of households needing food stamps/SNAP assistance. Census data. But not everything is bad news in this border town. The city is home to the International Museum of Art and Science, which is a part of the Smithsonian Affiliation Program, and does have high school ratings and low crime rates compared with other cities on this list.3. Fresno, CaliforniaFresno has a wealth of learning opportunities with such facilities as the Downing Planetarium, the Discovery Center Museum of Science and Natural History, and more. Unfortunately, on this list, this Golden State city isn’t so golden. Census data).2. Modesto, CaliforniaOur list continues in the state of California, where Modesto features manyagriculturally focused sights and toursfor everyone to enjoy. But when you step away from the fun, the city has high unemployment at 10.6 percent, compared with the 6.7 canada goose outlet edmonton percent national average. And while the city doesn’t excel in our other categories, it also doesn’t have the worst statistics. If and when the unemployment rate turns canada goose womens outlet around, the other item that truly needs improvement is the school system, which has some of the lowest ratings on the list.1. Memphis, TennesseeWhile Tennessee’s capital canada goose victoria parka outlet Nashvilleplaced well on our Top 10 Best Cities for Families 2014list, Memphis didn’t fare as well. On the bright side, it’s home to theMemphis Pink Palace, a popular museum featuring dinosaurs and a planetarium. Residents and visitors can also find a fun learning space atMy Big Backyardin the Memphis Botanic Garden, an interactive outdoor exhibit meant to get kids active and away from the TV. And of course, families can tour Elvis’sGraceland estatein the Birthplace of canada goose outlet miami Rock cheap canada goose ‘n’ Roll. But outside of these activities, the city could use improvements across the board. Although not all are under the city’s control, these are some of the reasons Memphis tops this list: canada goose deals.

It’s one video with two very different reactions

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